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Tourism is one of the fueling factors in the Dominican Republic's economic growth. The Dominican Republic is the most popular tourist destination in the KangolHANSON Bomber Jacket black 9Rv0SOJ
. With the construction of projects like DerhyROSE OPEN Cardigan rose BbFTw
, San Souci Port in Santo Domingo, Casa De Campo and the Hard Rock Hotel Casino (ancient Moon Palace Resort) in Punta Cana , the Dominican Republic expects increased tourism activity in the upcoming years.

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has also been a topic increasingly important in this nation, with towns like Lemon BeretBABY GIRLS LEGGING SET Leggings Trousers omphalodes backVdd
and neighboring Constanza , and locations like the Pico Duarte , NAKDIVA NIKOLINA SHORT Top blue BRyBUiAz3o
, and others becoming more significant in efforts to increase direct benefits from tourism. Most residents from other countries are required to get a tourist card , depending on the country they live in.

Main article: Transportation in the Dominican Republic
El Malecon av. in Santo Domingo

The country has three national trunk highways, which connect every major town. These are , , and , which depart from Santo Domingo toward the northern (Cibao), southwestern (Sur), and eastern (El Este) parts of the country respectively. These highways have been consistently improved with the expansion and reconstruction of many sections. Two other national highways serve as spur () or alternate routes ().

In addition to the national highways, the government has embarked on an expansive reconstruction of spur secondary routes, which connect smaller towns to the trunk routes. In the last few years the government constructed a 106-kilometer toll road that connects Santo Domingo with the country's northeastern peninsula. Travelers may now arrive in the Samaná Peninsula in less than two hours. Other additions are the reconstruction of the DR-28 (Jarabacoa– Constanza) and DR-12 (Constanza– Bonao). Despite these efforts, many secondary routes still remain either unpaved or in need of maintenance. There is currently a nationwide program to pave these and other commonly used routes. Also, the GAPGAP STUD Sweatshirt heather grey nWr0xdAEdN
system is in planning stages but currently on hold.

There are two main bus transportation services in the Dominican Republic: one controlled by the government, through the Oficina Técnica de Transito Terrestre (OTTT) and the Oficina Metropolitana de Servicios de Autobuses (OMSA), and the other controlled by private business, among them, Federación Nacional de Transporte La Nueva Opción (FENATRANO) and the Confederacion Nacional de Transporte (CONATRA). The government transportation system covers large routes in metropolitan areas such as Santo Domingo and Santiago.

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El Gobierno aprueba la subida inmediata de las pensiones de viudedad

El Liverpool rompe la banca: así se hace la retaguardia más cara


El vaivén a cuenta del artículo 155 de la Constitución aplicado en Cataluña desde el intento de independencia ha sido esta semana el punto de unión-desunión entre el Gobierno y Ciudadanos. Albert Rivera empezó rompiendo con Mariano Rajoy y TWINTIPBikini rose/black 7l4WA4
en esa Comunidad por la "dejación de funciones" del Ejecutivo por no recurrir los votos delegados de Carles Puigdemont y Toni Comín. Pero el presidente quitó hierro al asunto y aseguró que haría lo que fuera por mantener el pacto. Ahora, Rivera ha pedido prolongar en 155 aunque haya Gobierno si éste no corta de manera explícita con el procés y desde el Ejecutivo han recuperado la advertencia de que se actuará igual que hasta ahora ante cualquier intento de incumplir la ley.

Ambos mensajes llegan el día en que el presidente del Parlament, Roger Torrent, ha anunciado que la investidura del candidato Quim Torra, el elegido del expresidente catalán, tendrá su primera vuelta este sábado. En su primer discurso como candidato, ha prometido Blue SevenPrint Tshirt azalee bKVNRtBs
, seguir el mandato del 1-O y mostrar obediencia al Parlament, unas declaraciones entendidas como amenaza.

Rajoy ha hablado del 155 como algo más que un artículo de la Constitución. Durante su discurso en el 150 aniversario del Diario de Cádiz lo ha descrito como "precedente" para aplicar la misma excepcionalidad si se vuelve a vulnerar la ley.

Pero Rivera ha pedido prolongar esa situación aunque haya Gobierno. Al reproche al Gobierno por no recurrir los votos delegados que dan la llave a una aprobación si la CUP se abstiene, la respuesta del portavoz Méndez de Vigo ha sido clara: no se recurre porque los servicios jurídicos lo desaconsejan.Para el líder de Ciudadanos, Puigdemont ha elegido candidato a "alguien más radical que él [...] a una persona xenófoba y radical que no respeta a la mayoría de los catalanes ni al pueblo español". "Espero que el Gobierno se guíe por el sentido común y por el bloque constitucionalista, y no por las prisas de Rajoy por los acuerdos con el PNV", ha insistido.

Las posibilidades de que la investidura de Torra salga adelante dependen sobre todo de dos factores: que el Constitucional no anule los votos delegados de Puigdemont y Comín y que la CUP no decida el domingo votar en contra en la segunda vuelta del lunes.

Si no saliera, el escenario del adelanto electoral volvería a ponerse sobre la mesa con el plazo límite para nombrar a un presidente el 22 de mayo.

These days I spend quite some time thinking on cost, value and pricing at , these question are part of any startup or new venture and are in the heart of determining whether you have a solid business model, so I enjoy the practice of doing it to many things around me and try to reflect the result on my company. So what is the Bitcoin value?

If you want to measure value there are two main common paths, top down or bottom up. bottom up: what are your costs and desired margins? top down: What are the customers willing to pay and does it leaves you proper margins, at the end both should meet, They can’t contradict.

So what is Bitcoin value, Can we answer what is the bitcoin cost and take it from there?

One of BTC pillars is that is it a safe store of value, Governments cant devalue it (incorrect) and that it is kind of digital gold (Also misleading). But the biggest question on the table remains, what is the value of BTC? My 5 year old is playing with a drawing shop(worth another post, I learn from him a lot) by trying to sell his drawings,like his dad he struggles with the question: “What is the price?”, My constant answer is “what ever someone is willing to pay you”, Its very hard to estimate value but the other side of the price coin is much easier, What is the production cost? This is a question every technology developer struggles with daily, We (kind of) know how to calculate our costs but how much do we charge? Totally different ball game, We need to charge whatever we can (competition enters here) with the hope to get good (excellent) margins. So what is the bitcoin value? Can we drive it from its cost + margins?

Bitcoin cost is easy to calculate, The expenses in generating bitcoin are around electricity, Direct and indirect (compute and cooling), At any given moment bitcoin has s well defined production cost, cost that comes from the amount of compute you need to put into work to win BTC, or win a block. But there is a trick, Through time the cost is changing, usually when BTC value goes up more miners join and the network adjusts. in other words, Generating bitcoin cost goes up with its coin price, pretty weird creature, isn't it?

Now, Lets try to take it top down. What is the market willing to pay? Its sounds like we just hit the point where we started because the market is willing to pay amount we cant validate. Not really, At this point we need to ask about the product and competition, What is the product Bitcoin offers?

Unlike gold which holds intrinsic value (you can make jewelries, electronics and other stuff with it), Bitcoin doesn't, I once heard someone say bitcoin holds a beautiful number inside of it while I can agree SHA with a bunch of zeros in it is cool, I personally think PIE is much more beautiful and you can get it for free, so holding beautiful number inside of it is not a strong value proposition in my mind, definitely not one justifying the mania we see. So what is the product? The way i see it people who hold bitcoin hold the right to transact on the bitcoin network with other people, kind of buying bandwidth on a communication network. What is the value of this “bandwidth”, It depends on what do you use/need the network for, Anyone need the ability to hide transactions from governments can see the value pretty fast but most of BTC buyers these days don’t go in for these reasons.Bitcoins offers the ability to do financial transaction and for most of us that goes pretty fast to Paypal, VISA or Master card. So we got we got our competition and market, a good point to start our top down analysis.

Before you BTC lovers jump, I am choosing the easiest market BTC can intercept, I am well familiar with block-chain supply management, smart contracts, energy markets promises and many other things BTC can be used for but at this point we are at “sales and marketing” office, “vision and strategy” is down the hall, left door. So, if anyone think there is an other significant market BTC can intercept rapidly in the coming year or two I will be happy to play with it as well.

So what can bit coin offers in the transaction market? The value of the product in this market is focused around the these features:


Bitcoin transactions are secured, At least at the moment, If the guys keep playing with forks it might explode but at the moment the only weakness bitcoin has is the VilaVIFESTIVA Parka ivy green QzTAmNkAfK
, An attack that actually decrease in risk as the network goes larger. I am sure there are government that are playing with the idea of hidden forks but at current network growth and pace it will become harder, wouldn't say impossible but very hard.

Securing the BTC coins you already have is pretty hard on the other side, anyone with hold on your keys has you BTC. So you have to be very careful, way more careful then with your credit cards.

Fraud protection

If your BTCs are stolen that its bye bye time, The network is decentralized and no one is in-charge, Even if you can prove someone stole you BTC, The best action you can take is asking them back nicely.

Credit cards on the other hand offers a lot of fraud protection, from real time purchase analysis, cancellation in case of theft and insurances on loses.

Transaction speed

Bitcoin is slow, Very slow. Single block confirmation is 10 min and for large deals you should have 4-6-block confirmation. So buying a coffee to go with BTC is pretty hard.

Our regular payment methods are almost zero time, VISA can process thousands of requests per second (47K is the peak) Zalando EssentialsJumper green GsGNChri1

VISA (without the rest) has about 7000X BTC network capacity, That means that if BTC want to ever reach that level of usage then it has a lot of development work ahead.

Transaction fee

Currently the fees for BTC transactions are as following (They keep doubling every 3 months or so)

This is how competition fees looks like :

taking 2% as market benchmark this makes any BTC transaction under $950 more expensive compared to competition, and the real bummer this number is going up as the BTC value goes up.

Lets score and summarize:

So the competition kills the product for any deal smaller then $1K, and at this rate this number will keep doubling every 3 months.

So bitcoin is good for large deals only, where you can allow the time and want the attractive fees.

The average credit card transaction size is The North FaceINLUX CROPPED PANT Trousers urban navy jCNPlf

This puts BTC in tough position, It offers value only to a small part of the market.

This pin point to the main issue with the BTC network, Its in-ability to process high volume of transactions, fast and cheap, Diminishing its market as it moves up with coin price.

No newshere

Bitcoin community struggles with this pain so hard it actually forked the network and constantly debating for solutions, I hope they manage to find one before the network renders itself useless or falls due to voluntarily inserted in one of the coming changes. How much time will it takes to fix it? Hard to tell but a decade doesn't sound too wild to me, This is a reasonable time to stabilize technology at that scale.

Extracting and capturing blockchain value will take time and the path to it will have governments fall, Financial institutions bankrupt and currencies collapsing, This is not dooms day prediction, this is was BTC was designed to do in its birth from the ground up after 2008 crisis. So fast BTC adoption not only have technological blocks but social ones as well.

But wait…

What about swift and other large transaction mechanisms? Two part answer here:

A.These markets are not big enough, OakwoodLeather jacket coral c3F2Oaw
, To small market to move the needle for BTC at this point.

B.You want all the banks to agree and adopt BTC at once, really?

But wait#2…

We go into Etherium, Litcoin, <your favorite crypto goes here>

If one thinks BTC will crash while the others stay happy campers I would advice to check cryptocurrencies correlation with BTC, The herd is not rational on the way up and it is likely wouldn't be rational on the way down.

The hope

BTC was born out of 2008 crisis, It was born to put the checks and balances on those who proved they cant do it by themselves and it will do just that.

I believe its all for the good, This change is by no mean small but don’t expect it to go without pain, Revolutions never are.

With BTC or not, Blockchain will change the world, We just need patience.


In its current status BTC has little value, definitely not one justifying the current trade volumes. It is mainly powered by pyramid effect (rather then pyramid scam), It is likely to go up in the short term (less then 12 months would be my guess, its not better then your guess), I don’t see the protocol catches up fast enough to justify the volumes on the longer run.

I can imagine a world where people are desperately seeking for BTC to buy goods, I hope we wont get there.

I took a bold or stupid shot at estimating the status of the bitcoin and Ill finish with sentence I am telling many people in the last years:

“The moment you understand BTC price has no meaning is the moment you understand its power”.

Next Block Fee:



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