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All the Jobs President Trump's Tax Cut Created Could Be Wiped Out by His Trade War...
Everyday Money
‘Sex and the City’ Star Cynthia Nixon Is Running for New York Governor. Here Are All the...
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2 Awesome Instant Pot Deals for Anybody Who Missed out on Amazon Prime Day
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Meet the 47-Year-Old CEO Behind Fortnite, a 'Weird Computer Guy' Who Spends His Millions...
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Updated: July 10, 2018 4:48 PM ET | Originally published: June 14, 2018

Cristiano Ronaldo is not only one of the most famous soccer players in the world, he’s also one of the richest.

The 33-year-old soccer star, who is a forward on Spain’s Real Madrid team and also plays for Portugal’s national team, has a Lauren Ralph Lauren PetiteCHELSIE DAY DRESS Jersey dress slate/colonial cream 4MN2F4RpI
— and was considered the GANTTWILL KNOT Blouse air 42KEcb
for the last two years until boxer Floyd Mayweather dethroned him this year. Ronaldo is now the third-highest paid athlete thanks to his $61 million salary and bonuses as well as the $47 million in he earns in endorsements, according to Forbes.

Ronaldo made waves in July when he announced he was leaving Real Madrid to transfer to Italian Club Juventus, which is reportedly paying him $131.5 million for a four-year deal. The deal breaks the previous Series A league record set by the team two years ago when Juventus paid $99 million to Italian Club Napoli for the player Gonzalo Higuain, ProduktPKTAUK JOHN TEE Long sleeved top eggplant f9Z2Mi

Los Artículos

Los algoritmos más usuales de aprendizaje asumen o suponen conjuntos de datos que poseen distribuciones de clase balanceadas o costos de mala clasificación iguales. Sin embargo, en el artículo “ Aprendiendo a partir de los Datos Desbalanceados ” Edwardo A. Garcia y Haibo arguyen que los algoritmos de aprendizaje usuales fallas para representar apropiadamente las características distribuidas de los conjuntos de datos en algunos campos, (por ejemplo, biomedicina), que exhiben distribuciones no iguales entre las clases. Este artículo apunta a proporcionar un estudio de los desarrollos de investigación actuales sobre los problemas de aprendizaje desbalanceados y rever el estado del arte de las soluciones. También resalta las oportunidades y desafíos para el aprendizaje a partir de datos desbalanceados.

La extracción de datos valiosos a partir de petabytes de datos requiere nuevos algoritmos de clustering que sean escalables, menos computacionalmente intensivos y listos para ser implementados en arquitecturas computacionales interactivas de amplia escala, optimizadas. En el artículo “ RoxySwimming shorts anthracite TRLRzHIm
”, Neha Bharill, Aruna Tiwary y Aayushi Malviya desarrollan un algoritmo para la implementación en Apache Spark Cluster para considerar los desafíos asociados con el clustering de Big Data. Los autores puntualizan que su trabajo logra una reducción significativa en tiempo de corrida para el clustering de enormes cantidades de datos, sin comprometer la calidad de los resultados de clustering. Las técnicas de optimización eliminan la necesidad de almacenamiento de grandes matrices de datos miembros durante el tiempo de ejecución del algoritmo propuesto, resultando en un tiempo de corrida más corto.

En el artículo “ Análisis de Redes Sociales Masivas: Explorando Twitter por el Oro Social ”, analiza la vasta cantidad de datos no estructurados de Twitter. David Ediger y sus colegas presentan GraphCT, un Juego de Herramientas de Caracterización de Grafos para la representación de Grafos Masivos, que representan las redes de datos sociales. GraphCT analiza los grafos representando el flujo de datos critico de Twitter y revelando características interesantes de las interacciones de los usuarios de Twitter. Esto permite la identificación de fuentes de influencias y ranqueo de conversaciones, con lo cual habilita a los analistas a enfocarse en una cantidad manejable de conversaciones

Zeqian Shen, Kwan-Liu Ma, and Tina Eliassi-Rad presentan una herramienta de analítica visual llamada OntoVis para el análisis de redes sociales amplias y heterogéneas en el artículo “ Análisis Visual de Redes Sociales Amplias y Heterogéneas por Semántica y Abstracción Estructural ”. Un grafo auxiliar llamado grafo de ontología describe las relaciones entre actores de la red, que es generalmente, mucho más pequeño que la propia red social, guía el análisis. Los casos de estudio ilustran varias de las capacidades y características únicas de OntoVis.

Why are neoliberals such big babies?

Pundits like Jonathan Chait resent the term, but only because it's being used to attack them.
Getty/Kevin Mazur

Pundits like Jonathan Chait resent the term, but only because it's being used to attack them.

Paul Blest

Considering New York magazine’s resident centrist Jonathan Chait spends of his obsessing whether Oberlin students believe in free speech , his piece this week lamenting the remaking of the term “neoliberal” into a “term of abuse” is somewhat surprising. In a few thousand words, he refers to it as an epithet four times.

Chait writes that the term “neoliberal” is used to “separate its target — liberals — from the values they claim to espouse.” “By relabeling self-identified liberals as ‘neoliberals,’ their critics on the left accuse them of betraying the historic liberal cause,” the piece goes on, eventually arguing that the socialist “reveals a certain lack of confidence” by “trying to win with an epithet.”

To understand Chait’s interpretation of the term, we must first define it. What the fuck is neoliberalism? Simply put, neoliberalism is an economic and political doctrine that characterizes deference to the free market and an inclination towards privatization, deregulation, and uninhibited free trade. Famous neoliberals (who don’t call themselves neoliberals) include the Clintons and basically any centrist or conservative politicians from the latter quarter of last century. Neoliberalism, in the Clintonian sense, is a paean to capitalism that masquerades as a defender of social democracy.

Although Chait dismisses the international definition of neoliberalism as inadequate for our current system dominated by two neoliberal parties, it’s helpful to trace the history of term. It dates back to the 19th century, when the French socialist economist Charles Gide wrote of a “hedonistic world”— he was a Protestant, so he thought this was an own — that valued “free competition” above all else. “That realm of pure political economy,” he wrote, “ever kept in view by the adepts of Neo-liberalism when they attack us and cry triumphantly, ‘You will never get further nor do better!’”

In 1951, neoliberalism was championed by the economist Milton Friedman, who wrote about it in a paper titled “Neo-Liberalism and its Prospects.” Friedman wrote of “a new faith” that could correct laissez-faire’s wrongs: “It must give high place to a severe limitation on the power of the state to interfere in the detailed activities of individuals,” he wrote. “At the same time, it must explicitly recognize that there are important positive functions that must be performed by the state.”


Helpers for defining test cases.

This module must be used in other modules as a way to configure and prepare them for testing.

When used, it accepts the following options:

This module automatically includes all callbacks defined in ONLY CarmakomaONLCARSILVIJA CAPSLEEVE ANGLAIS DRESS Day dress bright white dir2t
. See that module for more information on setup , start_supervised , on_exit and the test process lifecycle.

For grouping tests together, see khujoFREYA Summer jacket green KyfMOzt
in this module.

All tests receive a context as an argument. The context is particularly useful for sharing information between callbacks and tests:

As the context is a map, it can be pattern matched on to extract information:

The context is used to pass information from the callbacks to the test. In order to pass information from the test to the callback, ExUnit provides tags.

By tagging a test, the tag value can be accessed in the context, allowing the developer to customize the test. Let’s see an example:

In the example above, we have defined a tag called :cd that is read in the setup callback to configure the working directory the test is going to run on.

Tags are also very effective when used with case templates ( ExUnit.CaseTemplate ) allowing callbacks in the case template to customize the test behaviour.

Note a tag can be set in two different ways:

If a tag is given more than once, the last value wins.

A tag can be set for all tests in a module or describe block by setting @moduletag or @describetag respectively:

If the same key is set via @tag , the @tag value has higher precedence.

The following tags are set automatically by ExUnit and are therefore reserved:

The following tags customize how tests behave:

ExUnit also allows tags or any other key in your context to be included in error reports, making it easy for developers to see under which circumstances a test was evaluated. To do so, you use the :report tag:

Now when an error happens, there is a tags section containing the value for each reported field:

code: flunk “oops” stacktrace:

Tags can also be used to identify specific tests, which can then be included or excluded using filters. The most common functionality is to exclude some particular tests from running, which can be done via comma casual identityBlouse orange WXiID4J

From now on, ExUnit will not run any test that has the external flag set to true . This behaviour can be reversed with the :include option which is usually passed through the command line:

Run mix help test for more information on how to run filters via Mix.

Another use case for tags and filters is to exclude all tests that have a particular tag by default, regardless of its value, and include only a certain subset:

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